She loves the stories her grandmother tells her about when she was a bit of a troublemaker back before she met her grandfather. She loves to attend cocktail parties, but makes a quick escape with her coat over her shoulders. She feels more sexy in a silk taffeta knee length party dress with a cinched waist than in the latest sequin number from the mall. She gets lost in museums and wonders what it would be like to be locked in it at night, left to wander the empty rooms full of treasures and take a nap under an Alexander Calder mobile. She chooses each item in her wardrobe with love and discrimination. She thrives in the opportunity of today and dreams of a lifestyle that echoes the era of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot.



A native of Syracuse, New York, Jennifer attended FIT in New York city and Polimoda in Florence, Italy. After falling in love with a charming Italian, Jennifer packed her suitcases and moved to Florence, and this is where an normality ended. She worked as an embroidery designer for Blugirl and other major European designers before earning a spot as one of 16 designers for Bravo's fifth season of Project Runway in 2008. Her label, Suite, was born shortly thereafter, and her whimsical and feminine style reminiscent of vintage 50's and 60's bon ton clothing has been gaining a larger following recently after a feature in the charming online magazine, Matchbook magazine this year.

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